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Posted in Toyota on 14th May 2012

Toyota Prius is a well known full hybrid mid size electric car that created by Toyota. In the past this car was designed as a compact sedan and now the company recreate the concept as a MPV car. Prius is very famous in the United States as a car that concern in the eco concius issue and always develops each generation to answer the demand of environment friendly car. This car is affordable enough for mid class workers but also loved by the celebrities and executives. The strong and flexible image is convince people to make this car one of their garage member.

Toyota Prius Advance Development

The development of Toyota Prius divided into 3 phase until know. The first generation that came with hybrid technology era in the early 2000 were such a big issue. Many people start to discuss about the effectiveness and the cost for that hybrid idea. People are not familiar with that concept and questioning about many things. Toyota Motors team as a great company send many information and trigger for convincing people at that time. The marketing strategy at that time focused to pulll of the concept of eco friendly car even at that time the environment issue was not as much as nowadays.

In each generation of Prius, Toyota are stressing in the efficiency and durability of the car. People that purchased this card must gain lots of benefits. It’s not only about their engine matters but also the sleek interior design, nice paint with chic colour palette, and easy to handle equipments. Toyota Prius is an ambitious mission of the company to show people how to conquer the world with just one car. This is the combination of powerful energy and luxury design.

Toyota Prius as the Future Agent

Toyota will always develop Toyota Prius as their mission to maintain the mother earth and create a better movement at the same time. They want to make sure that every personality or even family type will choose Prius as their car priority. They won’t let people disappointed with Prius quality and durability. Prius will become the life style icon in organic things trend. It will match with the mission to become the leader of environment fighter. It proves that you can be stylish, polish, and care at the same time with this car. It represents the higher level of human era and how they live together with other members in planet.

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