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Posted in Nissan on 26th May 2012

Nissan Murano can be the best choice for you who have been looking for the sport and elegant car that would be able to support your activity well enough. Nissan is always being able to impress the customer with the great type of cars which are produced. We do have known that Nissan is the car manufacture company from Japan that has been known by its quality of car. Nissan has launched its new product in 2012, the nissan Murano. Speaking about the Nissan Murano, we are going to talk more about the engine used and also the design which is brought by Nissan. We can say that the design brought by Nissan is showing the best design of sport car. The design must be proper enough for those who really love sport car, especially for men. It has been launched by Nissan in the mid October 2011. Today, we are going to talk more about both performance and the luxurious design of this car.

The Performance of Nissan Murano

The Nissan Murano has given the best performance of sport car. It uses the 18 inch aluminum alloy wheel design for its exterior design. It supports its performance better and faster. It has been manufactured with the best VQ series engine using the best 3.5 liter DOHC. It also uses the V6 engine that would deliver for maximum 260 HP. It also has the 240 lb-ft which is supported by the material used the torque. It also has the best CVT transmission. Thus, you do not need to doubt about the performance given by this car. For you who really love travelling, this car would be the best car that can be chosen. It would drive maximum on the great performance no matter what kind of the road texture is. It is also using the fuel economy engine, so do not need to be afraid of the fuel you spend. It is also environmentally friendly.

Interior and Exterior of Nissan Murano

Well, the nissan Murano also shows the best design both in exterior and interior. The exterior design of the Nissan Murano has been completed with the bolder grille that would be completed with the new and also the best front head lights. The bodylines have been completed with the wide hood which is swept on it. It uses the aggressive stance supported by the 20 inch wheels. However, the interior design of this Nissan type has also become the best thing that supports its great looking; it has some white colors and also stacks colors in a center. It also has the trim levels of the equipment.

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