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Posted in Dodge on 22nd July 2012

Sport car is very interesting to drive because of the design and especially the speed. One of the sport cars which can be driven is dodge charger. This car is promoted by NASCAR in which it is considered as the most popular sport car show. This car is suitable for those who really like to drive a small size car because it is designed as sedan. From the appearance of the car, this car is made with 4 doors and it is different compared to the previous generation in which it was published with 2 doors only. Because this car is considered as a sport car it becomes a common thing if the style especially the front-end has an aggressive style. The coolest thing is that the roof of the car can be sloped downward.

The Special Engine and Interior of Dodge Charger

Let’s just see this car in deeper side such as on the interior and engine parts. For example, the trim of dodge charger is classified into 5 different types. Those types are SE, SXT, SRT 8, R/T, and SRT 8 superbee. What makes those trims different is on the application on the driving type. For those who want to buy rear wheel drive this car is offering SE and SRT8 trims. On the other hand, if the drivers want to drive a rear drive or all wheel drive they can get SXT and R/T trims. The engine will show the real performance of this car. Actually, V6 engine is installed there. By using this type of engine, the car can produce 292 horsepower in 3.5 liter capacity.

The transmission is classified into two which are standard and optional. The standard transmission consists of five-speed automatic transmission with SE trim. On the other hand, optional transmission consists of eight-speed automatic transmission. The different is on R/T trim in which the car is supported by V8 engine and it means the horsepower is increased up to 370 hp in 5.7 liter capacity. The special one from this R/T trim is on the upgrade handling and breaking. The control system is also stable because of the three-mode adjustable. The features of dodge charger are standard along with black and yellow paint. The main point of this car is also for fuel economy so the drivers don’t need to spend extra money only for gasoline. In short, it can be said that dodge charger is the most fun car to drive and people will love it especially if they love to drive sport car.

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