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Posted in Honda on 4th February 2012

Honda Fit or actually well known as Honda Jazz is a back bone of Honda city car that spread and sold out all around the world. The term of Honda Fit is actually known in Japan, China, and United States. In the other country and region people had known that as Honda Jazz. This city car represents a mobile person that lives in urban city with tight schedule and meeting. This modern image is together with this car since the first it’s launched in June 2001. It has became a phenomenal and fantastic selling rate in history.

Honda Fit for Everybody

Honda Fit as known as Jazz come in a wide selection of colours. Surprisingly, Honda team choose bright and radiant colour for this car. It was broke the myth of boring city car that only come in cool colours like silver, chrome, black, or white. Jazz is coming with mustard yellow, green grass, electric blue, daring red, and so on. This car fit many personality and demand of bright colours in the market. The long hiatus of this colour palette explode when Jazz released in the market. People love this car more than Honda team imagine.

The development of Jazz has passed 2 generation in a row. Honda created the latest version of Jazz in hybrid version that answers the need of eco friendly car. This mission goes along with other mission to educate the youngsters to care about the environment issue. The combination of social mission and modern city car conclude a very good impact booth to the selling rate and earth conscious level. Teenager starts to realize the important to save the environment and educate them how to take care their surroundings with their own fancy car.

Honda Fit Evolution for the Future

Honda will always do their best to develop Honda Fit as the icon of youngsters in every era. The long achievement of Honda Jazz will gained more popularity and evidence of their high quality city car with fancy design. Honda Fit comes with durable engine, ease to use equipments, and comfortable interior. Honda prioritized their customer comfort and limited budget for  good city car. Jazz had answers all the challenge in the past and will conquer other mission and adopt with society need in the future. You can be part of them in the past or go along with them for the future. At the end of your life you realize that you grow wiser with your Honda Fit.

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