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The Great Gentle Look of Nissan Murano

Posted in Nissan on 26th May 2012

Nissan Murano can be the best choice for you who have been looking for the sport and elegant car that would be able to support your activity well enough. Nissan is always being able to impress the customer with the great type of cars which are produced. We do have known that Nissan is the car manufacture company from Japan that has been known by its quality of car. Nissan has launched its new product in 2012, the nissan Murano. Speaking about the Nissan Murano, we are going to talk more about the engine used and also the design which is brought by Nissan. We can say that the design brought by Nissan is showing the best design of sport car. The design must be proper enough for those who really love sport car, especially for men. It has been launched by Nissan in the mid October 2011. Today, we are going to talk more about both performance and the luxurious design of this car.

The Performance of Nissan Murano

The Nissan Murano has given the best performance of sport car. It uses the 18 inch aluminum alloy wheel design for its exterior design. It supports its performance better and faster. It has been manufactured with the best VQ series engine using the best 3.5 liter DOHC. It also uses the V6 engine that would deliver for maximum 260 HP. It also has the 240 lb-ft which is supported by the material used the torque. It also has the best CVT transmission. Thus, you do not need to doubt about the performance given by this car. For you who really love travelling, this car would be the best car that can be chosen. It would drive maximum on the great performance no matter what kind of the road texture is. It is also using the fuel economy engine, so do not need to be afraid of the fuel you spend. It is also environmentally friendly.

Interior and Exterior of Nissan Murano

Well, the nissan Murano also shows the best design both in exterior and interior. The exterior design of the Nissan Murano has been completed with the bolder grille that would be completed with the new and also the best front head lights. The bodylines have been completed with the wide hood which is swept on it. It uses the aggressive stance supported by the 20 inch wheels. However, the interior design of this Nissan type has also become the best thing that supports its great looking; it has some white colors and also stacks colors in a center. It also has the trim levels of the equipment.

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The Great Performance of Nissan GTR

Posted in Nissan on 28th April 2012

Nissan GTR would be the best that can be suggested for those who are looking for the best SUV today. Today we know that almost all people in this world have been looking for the best SUV. The sport utility vehicle seems to be the most common choice for people. Given the fact that the design which is elegant enough, the performance of the SUV is greater also, that is why; many people choose to have the best SUV for them. Speaking about some great brands of cars it means that we are talking about the highest technology country, Japan. Nissan is one of the best Japan manufacturer companies which have been existed in creating so many kinds of cars. Now, we are going to talk more about Nissan GTR, either about the engine performance or also the exterior or interior design.

The Engine Used in Nissan GTR

What unique from Nissan GTR is the fact that this car uses the SP engine as the main engine of Nissan GTR for supporting its performance. Actually, this car has not been produced more today. Talking about the engine, the SP engine, we must rely on fact that this kind of engine will need a time and support from the aerodynamic kit. It uses the skyline’s 2.5 liter RB26DETT. The engine would be able to give you the best performance with the 982 horsepower with the 660 lb/ft which is got by the torque as the main exterior element. It has the high flow fuel pump with the ARC radiator on it. So, for those who are looking for the best car, this Nissan GTR would be the best which is suggested for you, especially for whom who really love the SUV with the great engine within it.

The Design of Nissan GTR

Therefore, what the Nissan GTR gives is not only about performance given by the engine used in the Nissan type of Nissan GTR above, it is also about the great exterior and interior design given by Nissan for supporting its performance better. It has some improvement on its design, such as the new Nismo which is used in the front bumper. It also uses the carbon fiber lip. The rear wing is also used in this Nissan GTR. Not only that, the interior of this car is also great. It shows the best new goodies with the gauge cluster. It also has the floor mats and also uses the suede steering wheel that would make you easy in driving your car comfort enough.


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Nissan Frontier Full Packed Function

Posted in Nissan on 28th March 2012

Nissan Frontier or well know as Nisssa Navara is a generation of D22 and D40 for pickup trucks that made by Nissan. It sold worldwide especially in Asia market and keep spreading to Europe and United States. Nissan was become the pioneer of hard body type in the 1986. This company keep develop this invention and create a better pickup trucks with modern and sleek design. they even created the taller, longer, and bigger pickup truck that very compact and still in the version of mid size pickup truck.

Nissan Frontier for Durable and Long Term Use

The invention of Nissan Frontier with hard body type is answer the needs of people for pick up cars with comfortable ride. In the past, pick up cars were identical with raw ride and uncomfortable design. People that purchased that type of cars usually used that for carry heavy load or company. The type of family with children or youngsters tends to avoid this kind of car. It’s not fit their need and the demand of up to date design and engine. This gap was cleverly exploited by Nissan and gained lots of success.

The modern design of Nissan Frontier is a combination of durability and comfort. You can still carry heavy loads and sit with comfort with your family inside the cabin. The duo function let someone applying double purpose in their car selection. It’s so much more practical and simple. You can save more money and space in your garage for other needs. There is no need to purchase another car for different needs because Nissan Frontier completes it all.

Nissan Frontier as Your Life Partner

The development of Nissan Frontier since their launch in 1997 till now made a huge different in how people criticize the pickup cars. They start to pay more attention and consider this type of car as an investment for multiple purposes. It come with high security guarantee that has been tested by Euro NCAP and its comfortable enough with air conditioner and good audio. You can comfort your family in the inside and carry load in the same time. The powerful engine will deliver you to numerous place in a short time and you can still save your money from wasting too many fuel. Nissan will always develop the probability to synchronize this car with the hybrid car issue. It’s their concern to create a car that fit every people needs in every era.

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