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Sporty, Luxury, and Entertaining Audi A4

Posted in Audi on 1st August 2012

Sedan lovers need to consider driving more fuel economy cars. But definitely, they also don’t need to loose the sense of luxury of the car itself. There is one car which can give such kind of combination namely audi a4. This is concerning to the fact that the car is using economical engine type. Moreover, it is performed in all wheel drive and the most interesting part is that this car is considered as the best S4 version in the sense of the performance. The strength of this car if it is related to the appearance is that the car is sporty in design. Although it is a sporty car but it doesn’t loose the touch of a luxury car.

In this case, audi a4 is a perfect car especially for those who like to drive a compact car. What makes this car different compared to the previous generation is on the cabin back look and more aggressive look. The interior itself is supported by darker dash and it shows the masculine sense of the car. Besides offering darker dash, the interior is also supported by the latest model of wood trim. Definitely, the type of the engine is very important to decide the performance. Specifically, this car is supported by 2.0 liter of engine. By applying such type of engine, this cool car can produce up to 211 hp. The surprise is not stopped yet because audi a4 can also produce up to 258 pound feet of torque. Actually, this level is better compared to the previous generation in which it was only produced 200 hp.

Fuel Economy Design from Audi A4

It is stated before that people need to drive fuel economy car and this car is trying to fulfill this need. Thanks to the engine which makes this car low in fuel use and definitely it is known as fuel economy car. In the specific calculation, this car spends 21 or 22 mpg in the city and 31 mpg in highway. Of course, it is also served comfortable driving experience with the comfortable front seat. One more benefit is that the buyers can choose their own favorite color whether they want to choose wood or leather colors. Don’t forget about the entertainment part of the car. Actually, Bluetooth hands free connectivity is installed there along with iPod connectivity. For more entertainment sense in the car, there is also HD radio, navigation system, high quality audio system, and real time traffic included there. The buyers can also choose several packages including A4 premium, premium plus, and prestige model. The reviewers gave high score in its interior/exterior and performance. Safety and features become two highest score of audi a4.

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