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Lovely Family Car Volkswagen Jetta

Posted in Volkswagen on 28th December 2011

Volkswagen Jetta is a small family car that made since 1979 until now by the Volkswagen group, an automaker based on German. This sedan type was sold more than 10 million in the world till now. Jetta became one of the most popular car that chosen by small family in the city. They prefer this car because of their reliable engine and comfortable interior. This car fit the need of having a nice car with limited budget. Most of people in America prefer Volkswagen Jetta as their choice for their first car if they are getting married. This fact concludes the preferable of future family in the making.

Volkwagen Jetta truths and facts

Volkswagen Jetta name comes from the Atlantic ‘jet stream’, that actually reflects Volkswagen history after prominent winds. Jetta completed the series of other Volkswagen family car like Bora, Scirocco, and Passat. The development of this car has been running through 6 modification era. Basically, Jetta was comfortable enough, but obviously the improvement is still needed. The Volkswagen team try to create better engine and shape to fulfil the demand of effective and sleek car. Jetta grows with the era that each family phase in. This car reflects the growth of different ages and era.

Volkswagen Jetta gained lots of good reviews in the entire carrier. The Volkswagen team is not only upgrade the engine and shape but also the car interior. They tried to put more attention in the chair fabrics and the quality of equipment in the car. They want to make sure that everything come in handy and easy to use. They imagined how all of the family members will fill the cars space and join together. It must be comfortable and still airy.

Volkswagen Jetta in the future

Volkswagen Jetta is keep improving phase to phase. The team tried to fit the engine with bio fuel energy and make this car environment friendly. This improvement leads to better collaboration of effectiveness and eco conscious. Nowadays, the Volkswagen jetta comes in silver to black theme colour, left behind their red signature colour in the past. This colour represents the modern look of Jetta and how this car could adopt with the trend in this last century. The improvement will never stop and Jetta will always be the part of family in the entire world.  Jetta is a smart choice of mobile and comfortable living for today.

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