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2012 Volkswagen Beetle for All Classical Lovers

Posted in Volkswagen on 28th October 2011

Volkswagen beetle was so famous started from 1930 in Nazi still exist in German at that moment. The leader of Nazi; Adolf Hitler at time wanted the existence of personal vehicle supposed to be available for public. So that, Hitler commanded an engineer named Ferdinand Porsche to design that vehicle, he also required the capacity of the vehicle for two adults and three kids was a must, in addition he also wanted this vehicle should be able to run 100km/hour. Hitler also asked and designed the engineer to make the price of that vehicle should be as same as with the motorbike complete with its lift.

Volkswagen beetle designer is still controversial, even though Ferdinand Porsche had become the designer legally, but in 1920, Joseph Ganz also had designed similar vehicle it was smaller and the price was cheaper compared to Ferdinand Porsche’s vehicle, none of car producers were interested to Joseph’ car, but there are two motor bike producers that interested to Joseph’s car, then they produced this car in large scale and marketed this car using slogan” Der Deutsche Volkswagen” means the Germany car. Sooner after Superior the name of Joseph’s car become so popular in German, Joseph had to go to jail as Hitler knew that he was a Jewish.

The Uniqueness of Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen beetle is one of the antique and unique cars ever. It can be seen from the shape of it. As, the design of Volkswagen beetle looks like a frog no wonder in USA the famous name of this car is bug. Compared to other cars Volkswagen beetle is smaller, as it also has unique sounds. For those who are really love in classic stuffs they must be put Volkswagen beetle as the top of their list. Nowadays, there are many collectors or classic lovers are hunting the old Volkswagen beetle even it requires them to go around the globe.  As they love Volkswagen beetle so much, then there is nothing can stop them.

Volkswagen beetle is still exist even more develop. As we know recently in the United States of America has made Volkswagen beetle with modern touch, as we can find the E-Bugster, it’s modification of old Volkswagen beetle, the shape is similar but for E-Bugster it doesn’t require gasoline as it uses electric to run it, as “E” itself stands for Electric-Bugster, it’s so friendly to our environment. Overall whatever your choice is, one thing for sure the existence of Volkswagen beetle is everlasting no matter what periods we are, this care always takes place in each period.

2012 Toyota Tacoma Goes Through and Exceeds Limitations

Posted in Toyota on 2nd October 2011


Toyota Tacoma a mid-size pickup truck which is designed for steep or damaged roads. Toyota Tacoma is one of the best kinds of a mid-size pickup truck which so famous and so useful for those who have to drive in damaged roads such as: miners, forest contactor, adventures and others who really need a car with tough performance that can exceed those limitations. The latest Tacoma is wider compare to previous Tacoma, the machine of Toyota Tacoma using 2, 7 liter 2TR-FE and 4, 0 liter 1GR-FE. Toyota Tacoma itself has many choices with sort chassis and long chassis, single cab, extended cab, and crew cad and complete with driving machine 2WD and 4WD. Toyota Tacoma offer both; manual and automatic transmissions.

The Advantages of Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma an excellent mid-size pickup truck ever, there are some advantages which you will get from Toyota Tacoma and they are; firstly you will have a trusted mid-size pickup truck which you can handle to pass through all steep or damaged roads that you have to deal with; you will also have a great partner which leads and drives you to whenever you want to go; no need to worry when you have to pass damaged or bad contour of roads as Toyota Tacoma has designed as a really tough mid-size pickup truck ever.

Toyota Tacoma the best partner for an adventurer. Do you an adventurer?  If you say “yes, I do” good news for you, as from now on you don’t have to worry to find your partner when you want to do your adventure, as same as like you who has hobby which always challenges yourself in doing and beating steeps, bad land contours and damaged roads, Toyota Tacoma also designed for those reasons. Thus, you can beat every single challenge that you have to deal with, as you are with a great and trusted partner that you ever have.

Toyota Tacoma an excellent mid-size pickup truck which very suitable for you when you are doing outdoor activities. The reason why Toyota Tacoma becomes the right choice of mid-size pickup truck for you is because of the capacity and the powerful of it. As mentioned above Toyota Tacoma has strong and sporty characteristic which means that Toyota Tacoma could be the best mid-size pickup truck as it will go through and exceed the damaged roads, steeps and others properly and safety. Overall, driving Toyota Tacoma will limit all of limitations that you have to face.

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