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Sporty, Luxury, and Entertaining Audi A4

Posted in Audi on 1st August 2012

Sedan lovers need to consider driving more fuel economy cars. But definitely, they also don’t need to loose the sense of luxury of the car itself. There is one car which can give such kind of combination namely audi a4. This is concerning to the fact that the car is using economical engine type. Moreover, it is performed in all wheel drive and the most interesting part is that this car is considered as the best S4 version in the sense of the performance. The strength of this car if it is related to the appearance is that the car is sporty in design. Although it is a sporty car but it doesn’t loose the touch of a luxury car.

In this case, audi a4 is a perfect car especially for those who like to drive a compact car. What makes this car different compared to the previous generation is on the cabin back look and more aggressive look. The interior itself is supported by darker dash and it shows the masculine sense of the car. Besides offering darker dash, the interior is also supported by the latest model of wood trim. Definitely, the type of the engine is very important to decide the performance. Specifically, this car is supported by 2.0 liter of engine. By applying such type of engine, this cool car can produce up to 211 hp. The surprise is not stopped yet because audi a4 can also produce up to 258 pound feet of torque. Actually, this level is better compared to the previous generation in which it was only produced 200 hp.

Fuel Economy Design from Audi A4

It is stated before that people need to drive fuel economy car and this car is trying to fulfill this need. Thanks to the engine which makes this car low in fuel use and definitely it is known as fuel economy car. In the specific calculation, this car spends 21 or 22 mpg in the city and 31 mpg in highway. Of course, it is also served comfortable driving experience with the comfortable front seat. One more benefit is that the buyers can choose their own favorite color whether they want to choose wood or leather colors. Don’t forget about the entertainment part of the car. Actually, Bluetooth hands free connectivity is installed there along with iPod connectivity. For more entertainment sense in the car, there is also HD radio, navigation system, high quality audio system, and real time traffic included there. The buyers can also choose several packages including A4 premium, premium plus, and prestige model. The reviewers gave high score in its interior/exterior and performance. Safety and features become two highest score of audi a4.

Sporty Dodge Charger to Drive

Posted in Dodge on 22nd July 2012

Sport car is very interesting to drive because of the design and especially the speed. One of the sport cars which can be driven is dodge charger. This car is promoted by NASCAR in which it is considered as the most popular sport car show. This car is suitable for those who really like to drive a small size car because it is designed as sedan. From the appearance of the car, this car is made with 4 doors and it is different compared to the previous generation in which it was published with 2 doors only. Because this car is considered as a sport car it becomes a common thing if the style especially the front-end has an aggressive style. The coolest thing is that the roof of the car can be sloped downward.

The Special Engine and Interior of Dodge Charger

Let’s just see this car in deeper side such as on the interior and engine parts. For example, the trim of dodge charger is classified into 5 different types. Those types are SE, SXT, SRT 8, R/T, and SRT 8 superbee. What makes those trims different is on the application on the driving type. For those who want to buy rear wheel drive this car is offering SE and SRT8 trims. On the other hand, if the drivers want to drive a rear drive or all wheel drive they can get SXT and R/T trims. The engine will show the real performance of this car. Actually, V6 engine is installed there. By using this type of engine, the car can produce 292 horsepower in 3.5 liter capacity.

The transmission is classified into two which are standard and optional. The standard transmission consists of five-speed automatic transmission with SE trim. On the other hand, optional transmission consists of eight-speed automatic transmission. The different is on R/T trim in which the car is supported by V8 engine and it means the horsepower is increased up to 370 hp in 5.7 liter capacity. The special one from this R/T trim is on the upgrade handling and breaking. The control system is also stable because of the three-mode adjustable. The features of dodge charger are standard along with black and yellow paint. The main point of this car is also for fuel economy so the drivers don’t need to spend extra money only for gasoline. In short, it can be said that dodge charger is the most fun car to drive and people will love it especially if they love to drive sport car.

2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Truck

Posted in Dodge on 12th July 2012

Some people like to drive heavy and big size car. One of the reasons is because the car looks powerful and strong enough to drive. The reference of big and heavy car to drive is pickup truck. Specifically, 2012 dodge ram 1500 can be the best reference for the drivers who need a new pickup truck. Of course, there are several reasons why this car is needed to choose. This article will show a little bit about the specification and the detail of this cool and strong car. There is a fact that some of drivers need to have large storage space on their vehicle. 2012 dodge ram 1500 pickup truck becomes the solution because it offers large cargo on the back of the car. Even, this type of car is considered as the best full size car in its class. Along with a powerful and strong appearance, this car is supported by Gas V6, 3.7 liter in capacity. Although it is a big and heavy car but it is only for small amount of passenger in which it is can be used for 3 passengers. It is only designed with 2 doors and the focus is on the extra cargo storage on the back of the car. To make this car more comfortable 4-speed automatic transmission is applied there. Actually, 2012 dodge ram version is the improvement of the previous generation which was published in 2009. This car can reach up to 20 mpg if it is driven in a highway.

The Special Things of 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Truck

There are three elements which make this car perfect which are chassis, suspension, and tuning. Interestingly, 2012 dodge ram 1500 is coming with several styles. Those styles are including Express 2WD Reg Cab, ST 2 WD Reg Cab, and Tradesman 2WD Reg Cab Those cars are offered in two different drive types which are rear wheel drive and four wheel drives. Definitely, the price is various and the drivers can purchase based on their need. For the invoice, the car is offered $21.080 up to $42.607.

The car is also offered around $22.570 up to $46.420 for the MRSP. For some people, the color of the car is one reason why they choose the car. This cool dodge ram 1500 is published with 11 different colors. Those colors are including black, bright silver metallic, bright white, flame red, and true blue pearl. It seems that this car can be the next new car especially if the drivers need to have a big, heavy, strong, and powerful car but still offers extra cargo storage.

New 2013 Ford Fiesta

Posted in Ford on 3rd July 2012

Ford Fiesta becomes the latest car from Ford. It is coming with two types of Ford Fiesta available which are 4 doors Sedan and 5 doors Hatch. This car is prepared for big family in which there are 5 seats capacity for the passenger. Moreover, Ford Fiesta is also supported by standard transmission with 5-speed manual and optional transmission with 6-speed automatic. The engine of the car is one way to see its performance and 1.6L 16-Valve Duratec 1-4 is installed on the car for its best performance. By using this type of engine, Ford Fiesta can produce up to 120 hp and it is fast enough to drive. The design and the appearance of the car are also important to see. Actually, the design is stylish with solid feature list.

Even, it seems that Ford wants to make this latest car as a racing car. What makes Ford Fiesta interesting to drive is because it can be used for long trip especially because it is supported by tight backseat. For the entertainment sense, this car is supported by cool audio which is to manage with the availability of instrument panel layout. In specific, the driver will get a 40-watt sound system and four sound systems.

The Detail of 2013 Ford Fiesta

To support the need of the Ford lovers, the car is classified into 6 different styles which are s 4dr Sedan S, S 5dr HD, SE 4dr HD, Titanium 4dr Sedan, SE 5dr HD, and Titanium 5dr HB. All of the styles above are offered in front wheel drive. The price itself is various and it depends on the style. For the invoice prices, the car is sold around $12.075 up to $17.158. On the other hand, for the MSRP the cars are sold around $13.200 up to $18.200. The car is offered with interesting colors to attract more buyers such as Oxford white, Tuxedo black metallic, Ingot Silver Metallic, and Violet Grey Metallic. Instead of the benefits and strengths above there are also several weaknesses to be considered. For example, the engine is a little bit noise in specific situation. Moreover, it is a little bit uncomfortable to drive in specific surface. Some of reviewers gave high score for the interior/exterior, safety, and fuel economy. Even, they gave 9 for the features of the car.

The specification above can be used to consider whether 2013 Ford Fiesta is good enough to buy or not. At least, the specification explained above can give better overview about the best new car based on the characteristics of the driver.



Great Design of Audi R8 in summer 2012

Posted in Audi on 2nd June 2012

Audi R8 can be one of the best luxurious cars that can be chosen by people today. There are so many kinds of luxurious cars today, one of the Audi type, known as Audi R8 can be the best which is suggested for you now. Speaking about some luxurious cars today, we are going to talk about one of the best luxurious cars which have been made by the Germany automakers, the Audi. You must have known that Audi has become one of the most common luxurious cars which have been chosen by people. Today, it seems that luxurious cars are more likely show the great design of SUV or the sport utility vehicle with so many additional improvements within it. Nowadays, if you are looking for the best sport utility vehicle from Audi, you are suggested to choose the best Audi R8. It is one of the top models of the Audi which are offered for you right now. It is also made based on the concept of the Le Mans Quattro. What the best thing from this new type is about the great design which has been completed with the aluminum construction completed with the mid engine super car.

The Engine Improvement of the Audi R8

Audi R8 has given the best performance which is brought by its engine used. Talking about the sport utility vehicle means talking about its performance; it is also brought by the Audi R8 for giving the best performance of the Audi R8 for people. As it is said before that it uses the super car engine, however it used the 3,500 at the first time this car was introduced in 2006. Nowadays, it has been improved better by using the best 4.2 Liter FSI using the V8 powered engine. There are some types of the Audi R8; one of them uses the 5.2 Liter V10 with the 520 HP. It can be said that this car can be considered as one of the Audi types which are lighter and faster. This car has been competed with some brands such as Ferrari and Porches. Today, this car is under development and would be ready to be sold in the market on summer 2012.

The Greater Exterior Design of Audi R8

Not only the performance of Audi R8 which is great, the exterior and the interior design of the Audi R8 would be made better and greater. Actually the exterior design of this car was inspired by the concept of E-torn. As it is said before that this car has been completely covered by the aluminum structure, it means that this improvement has loosed up the car weight for about 130 lbs. There are some new improvement parts, such as the new light weight carbon – fiber. Besides, there is also some carbon elements used for some parts, such as tunnel, floor, and also the pillars.

The Great Gentle Look of Nissan Murano

Posted in Nissan on 26th May 2012

Nissan Murano can be the best choice for you who have been looking for the sport and elegant car that would be able to support your activity well enough. Nissan is always being able to impress the customer with the great type of cars which are produced. We do have known that Nissan is the car manufacture company from Japan that has been known by its quality of car. Nissan has launched its new product in 2012, the nissan Murano. Speaking about the Nissan Murano, we are going to talk more about the engine used and also the design which is brought by Nissan. We can say that the design brought by Nissan is showing the best design of sport car. The design must be proper enough for those who really love sport car, especially for men. It has been launched by Nissan in the mid October 2011. Today, we are going to talk more about both performance and the luxurious design of this car.

The Performance of Nissan Murano

The Nissan Murano has given the best performance of sport car. It uses the 18 inch aluminum alloy wheel design for its exterior design. It supports its performance better and faster. It has been manufactured with the best VQ series engine using the best 3.5 liter DOHC. It also uses the V6 engine that would deliver for maximum 260 HP. It also has the 240 lb-ft which is supported by the material used the torque. It also has the best CVT transmission. Thus, you do not need to doubt about the performance given by this car. For you who really love travelling, this car would be the best car that can be chosen. It would drive maximum on the great performance no matter what kind of the road texture is. It is also using the fuel economy engine, so do not need to be afraid of the fuel you spend. It is also environmentally friendly.

Interior and Exterior of Nissan Murano

Well, the nissan Murano also shows the best design both in exterior and interior. The exterior design of the Nissan Murano has been completed with the bolder grille that would be completed with the new and also the best front head lights. The bodylines have been completed with the wide hood which is swept on it. It uses the aggressive stance supported by the 20 inch wheels. However, the interior design of this Nissan type has also become the best thing that supports its great looking; it has some white colors and also stacks colors in a center. It also has the trim levels of the equipment.

The Modern Hybrid Car Toyota Prius

Posted in Toyota on 14th May 2012

Toyota Prius is a well known full hybrid mid size electric car that created by Toyota. In the past this car was designed as a compact sedan and now the company recreate the concept as a MPV car. Prius is very famous in the United States as a car that concern in the eco concius issue and always develops each generation to answer the demand of environment friendly car. This car is affordable enough for mid class workers but also loved by the celebrities and executives. The strong and flexible image is convince people to make this car one of their garage member.

Toyota Prius Advance Development

The development of Toyota Prius divided into 3 phase until know. The first generation that came with hybrid technology era in the early 2000 were such a big issue. Many people start to discuss about the effectiveness and the cost for that hybrid idea. People are not familiar with that concept and questioning about many things. Toyota Motors team as a great company send many information and trigger for convincing people at that time. The marketing strategy at that time focused to pulll of the concept of eco friendly car even at that time the environment issue was not as much as nowadays.

In each generation of Prius, Toyota are stressing in the efficiency and durability of the car. People that purchased this card must gain lots of benefits. It’s not only about their engine matters but also the sleek interior design, nice paint with chic colour palette, and easy to handle equipments. Toyota Prius is an ambitious mission of the company to show people how to conquer the world with just one car. This is the combination of powerful energy and luxury design.

Toyota Prius as the Future Agent

Toyota will always develop Toyota Prius as their mission to maintain the mother earth and create a better movement at the same time. They want to make sure that every personality or even family type will choose Prius as their car priority. They won’t let people disappointed with Prius quality and durability. Prius will become the life style icon in organic things trend. It will match with the mission to become the leader of environment fighter. It proves that you can be stylish, polish, and care at the same time with this car. It represents the higher level of human era and how they live together with other members in planet.

The Great Performance of Nissan GTR

Posted in Nissan on 28th April 2012

Nissan GTR would be the best that can be suggested for those who are looking for the best SUV today. Today we know that almost all people in this world have been looking for the best SUV. The sport utility vehicle seems to be the most common choice for people. Given the fact that the design which is elegant enough, the performance of the SUV is greater also, that is why; many people choose to have the best SUV for them. Speaking about some great brands of cars it means that we are talking about the highest technology country, Japan. Nissan is one of the best Japan manufacturer companies which have been existed in creating so many kinds of cars. Now, we are going to talk more about Nissan GTR, either about the engine performance or also the exterior or interior design.

The Engine Used in Nissan GTR

What unique from Nissan GTR is the fact that this car uses the SP engine as the main engine of Nissan GTR for supporting its performance. Actually, this car has not been produced more today. Talking about the engine, the SP engine, we must rely on fact that this kind of engine will need a time and support from the aerodynamic kit. It uses the skyline’s 2.5 liter RB26DETT. The engine would be able to give you the best performance with the 982 horsepower with the 660 lb/ft which is got by the torque as the main exterior element. It has the high flow fuel pump with the ARC radiator on it. So, for those who are looking for the best car, this Nissan GTR would be the best which is suggested for you, especially for whom who really love the SUV with the great engine within it.

The Design of Nissan GTR

Therefore, what the Nissan GTR gives is not only about performance given by the engine used in the Nissan type of Nissan GTR above, it is also about the great exterior and interior design given by Nissan for supporting its performance better. It has some improvement on its design, such as the new Nismo which is used in the front bumper. It also uses the carbon fiber lip. The rear wing is also used in this Nissan GTR. Not only that, the interior of this car is also great. It shows the best new goodies with the gauge cluster. It also has the floor mats and also uses the suede steering wheel that would make you easy in driving your car comfort enough.


Nissan Frontier Full Packed Function

Posted in Nissan on 28th March 2012

Nissan Frontier or well know as Nisssa Navara is a generation of D22 and D40 for pickup trucks that made by Nissan. It sold worldwide especially in Asia market and keep spreading to Europe and United States. Nissan was become the pioneer of hard body type in the 1986. This company keep develop this invention and create a better pickup trucks with modern and sleek design. they even created the taller, longer, and bigger pickup truck that very compact and still in the version of mid size pickup truck.

Nissan Frontier for Durable and Long Term Use

The invention of Nissan Frontier with hard body type is answer the needs of people for pick up cars with comfortable ride. In the past, pick up cars were identical with raw ride and uncomfortable design. People that purchased that type of cars usually used that for carry heavy load or company. The type of family with children or youngsters tends to avoid this kind of car. It’s not fit their need and the demand of up to date design and engine. This gap was cleverly exploited by Nissan and gained lots of success.

The modern design of Nissan Frontier is a combination of durability and comfort. You can still carry heavy loads and sit with comfort with your family inside the cabin. The duo function let someone applying double purpose in their car selection. It’s so much more practical and simple. You can save more money and space in your garage for other needs. There is no need to purchase another car for different needs because Nissan Frontier completes it all.

Nissan Frontier as Your Life Partner

The development of Nissan Frontier since their launch in 1997 till now made a huge different in how people criticize the pickup cars. They start to pay more attention and consider this type of car as an investment for multiple purposes. It come with high security guarantee that has been tested by Euro NCAP and its comfortable enough with air conditioner and good audio. You can comfort your family in the inside and carry load in the same time. The powerful engine will deliver you to numerous place in a short time and you can still save your money from wasting too many fuel. Nissan will always develop the probability to synchronize this car with the hybrid car issue. It’s their concern to create a car that fit every people needs in every era.

Fit Your Life with Honda Fit

Posted in Honda on 4th February 2012

Honda Fit or actually well known as Honda Jazz is a back bone of Honda city car that spread and sold out all around the world. The term of Honda Fit is actually known in Japan, China, and United States. In the other country and region people had known that as Honda Jazz. This city car represents a mobile person that lives in urban city with tight schedule and meeting. This modern image is together with this car since the first it’s launched in June 2001. It has became a phenomenal and fantastic selling rate in history.

Honda Fit for Everybody

Honda Fit as known as Jazz come in a wide selection of colours. Surprisingly, Honda team choose bright and radiant colour for this car. It was broke the myth of boring city car that only come in cool colours like silver, chrome, black, or white. Jazz is coming with mustard yellow, green grass, electric blue, daring red, and so on. This car fit many personality and demand of bright colours in the market. The long hiatus of this colour palette explode when Jazz released in the market. People love this car more than Honda team imagine.

The development of Jazz has passed 2 generation in a row. Honda created the latest version of Jazz in hybrid version that answers the need of eco friendly car. This mission goes along with other mission to educate the youngsters to care about the environment issue. The combination of social mission and modern city car conclude a very good impact booth to the selling rate and earth conscious level. Teenager starts to realize the important to save the environment and educate them how to take care their surroundings with their own fancy car.

Honda Fit Evolution for the Future

Honda will always do their best to develop Honda Fit as the icon of youngsters in every era. The long achievement of Honda Jazz will gained more popularity and evidence of their high quality city car with fancy design. Honda Fit comes with durable engine, ease to use equipments, and comfortable interior. Honda prioritized their customer comfort and limited budget for  good city car. Jazz had answers all the challenge in the past and will conquer other mission and adopt with society need in the future. You can be part of them in the past or go along with them for the future. At the end of your life you realize that you grow wiser with your Honda Fit.

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